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Summit hair salon invites community to express gratitude on downtown windows

By Independent Press

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Getting a blow out doesn’t just make you look good, it makes you feel good. And when you do something that feels good, especially for others, it becomes an attitude of gratitude.

Starting Nov. 11 through Thursday, Nov. 28, Blow In Blow Out, at 330 Springfield Ave. in Summit, is partnering with the Gratitude Graffiti Project, a nonprofit organization that brings artistic appreciation for all that we have in our lives to the windows all over the town for all to bare witness to the numerous blessings.

Tara Galatt, owner of Blow In Blow Out, the new blow dry bar opened in Summit shares her sentiment, “We are so blessed to have founded our business in Summit and the town has been so gracious and welcoming, Our business is booming and we wanted to share our thanks by expressing it for all the town to see — on our windows. It is our hope that the positive messages this town will share on our windows will resonate in towns across New Jersey.”

Started by Maplewood resident, Candice Davenport and her partner, the gratitude project gives pen to pondering. By writing on windows in the town of Summit, participants will collectively be sharing and contemplating something that they are thankful for.

Davenport states, “Instantly practicing a mindful state of gratitude essentially leads to a feeling of happiness because we appreciate all the little things that make our life blessed.”

Blow In Blow Out is asking all to express themselves on their windows through Thursday, Nov. 28, to express their gratitude.

Neon colored markers will be made available outside the salon so that passerby’s can pick a marker up and express themselves.

Children and adults alike are encouraged to join in, take a moment and share your gratitude.
The Food Pantry of the Oranges will be the beneficiary of those who would like to drop an non-perishable, date appropriate can good or food to the box that will be placed outside of the salon.
For more information, visit or call 908-273-4947.

To learn more about the Gratitude Graffiti project, contact Candice Davenport, at or email at

To donate food and other non-perishables visit website: