Blowout Queen Bee

$320 per month you receive:

  • 12 Blow Outs per month
  • 25% off all products (in shop only)
  • The chance to earn Loyalty Points*
  • Complimentary Birthday Blowout
  • Friends and Family Sharing option.

*As a member, you will gain Loyalty Points from all purchases, prebooking at checkout, booking online, creating an online account, referring clients, retail purchases and for your birthday! 1000 Loyalty Points are equivalent to $35 cash. As a Premium Member, you can use your Loyalty Points to pay for products, up to TWELVE (12) blowouts per calendar year and FOUR (4) Full Services. Loyalty Points rollover every year.

Membership fees ($320.00) are charged to your credit card on the first of every month. You may cancel your membership after a minimum of 6 months and can freeze your membership between July 1- September 1.